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2021.4.28 | KSK Report from Japan 124th Edition

2020.12.24 | KSK Report from Japan 120th Edition

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It is people who operate machines and assess quality. KSK has always focused on employees rather than technology. All the products we create are imbued with our spirit of 'creation based on intelligence and the five senses', as well as our Kaizen skills.

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KSK has always forged ahead with its own in-house developments, focusing on product development, production technologies and manufacturing methods. We continue to create new value through new products, new methods and new technologies.

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Employees capable of detecting waste (muda) and overstrain (muri) put their skills to use in Kaizen activities (CIP). This not only leads to products that customers are satisfied with; it also enables our staff to improve their 'human skills' and workplace competence on a daily basis.

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